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Urban renewal in Tel Aviv

Implementation framework of TAMA 38 Demolition and construction

  • Construction of a new building from the parking basements to the top roof.

  • The building structure will be designed with a luxurious design, with rich specifications and a high construction standard, with an emphasis on functional and light-washed apartment design standards, green construction that preserves the environment that saves on utility bills and ensures the durability of the building over the years, acoustic insulation between the apartments, the public spaces and the outside of the building.

  • A luxurious and luxurious lobby that includes a high specification elevator, CCTV and intercom.

  • Maximizing apartment space according to measurements and receiving maximum rights from the Tel Aviv municipality.

  • Construction of a functional parking lot that will serve all the apartments, whether a conventional or robotic parking lot.

  • Regulation of regulations and registration in the tabu according to the new changes.

  • Appointment of leading consultant professionals in their field: architect, engineer (constructor), plumbing, electricity, safety, elevators  hydrologist, accessibility consultant, GA consultant, acoustics consultant, green construction consultant, soil and foundation consultant, A traffic consultant, an agronomist, a tax consultant, and any additional consultant that may be required.

  • Each tenant will receive a consultation meeting with an architect to plan the interior of his apartment and divide the rooms.

During each TAMA project,Engel Real EstateProvides support, a sense of security, accessibility, transparency and updates the tenants at every stage. We provide financing for temporary housing, including sales law guarantees for the new apartments to be built, including moving the contents of the apartments.  

Engel Real Estate Specializes in entrepreneurship and implementation of TAMA 38 projects in Tel Aviv, starting with the initial inspection phase of compliance with the terms of the program, legal inspections by the authorities, planning the project to completion in all its aspects including: accompanying and summarizing the details of the project with the tenants, the level of finish and the architectural engineering planning that can be implemented and ending with entrepreneurship and the financing of the execution.

We offer tenants a high, comprehensive and luxurious specification.




Implementation framework of TMA 38 Strengthening and renovation of an existing building

  • Exterior renovation at a high level of finish.

  • Replacement of external infrastructure (sewage, electricity, water and gas).

  • Upgrading the lobby and the stairwell.

  • Adding an elevator.

  • Increasing the area of the apartments by building additions


  • Upgrading the finish level of the public areas, the building envelope,

        Designed an access path that includes advanced security systems.

  • Regulation of regulations and registration in the tabu according to the new changes.

  • Strengthening the building against earthquakes in accordance with the strictest standards.

Leave details and a company representative will contact you in order to receive initial details about your building.

The company's team of experts will examine the building and return with a detailed answer as to whether there is economic feasibility for the project without any cost.

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